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What is Fucoidan?
- Fucoidan is a component found mainly in various species ofbrown algae and brown seaweed.
- Uses the SDDP (Patent Registration No. 2010-4594) method to manufacture and improve seaweed scent and qualities.
- Uses highly pure Fuciodan extracted from the sporophytes of sea mustard from Wando, Korea, an uncontaminated sea area.
How to drink
- Consume one serving, one to three times a day
- Product Type: mixed beverage
- Net Weight: 20ml * 45 servings
- Shipping Terms : FOB, INCHEON, KOREA
- Payment Terms : T/T or L/C
- Delivery Lead Time : 30day
Apple Crunch | Feature
Ingredient - Seaweed mustard sporophyte (Korean) Fucoidan (85% high purity) 2%, Phellinus linteus extract (30 brix) 0.3%, Pleuropterus multiflorus TURCZ extract (Korean), black garlic (Korean),apple extract (Korean), pear extract (Korean)
Nutrition Facts Amount per serving (20ml) - 15.86Kcal, carbs 3.72g, sugars 2.01g, Protein 0.178g, fat 0g, trans fat 0g, cholesterol 0mg, sodium 2.73mg
Shelf Life - 8 month
Caution - Reseal after use

dried vegetables healthy