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Welcome to Natural Choice.

Natural Choice is a food manufacturer that conducts contract R&D,
works as OEM in the biotechnology and the food industries, provides
functionality & safety analysis, and processes and supplies environmentally
friendly high value-added agricultural products based on research and
development for safe food manufacturing.

First, we live up to our motto of we make food safe with rigorous safety rules.
We are committed to developing marketable products by applying accurate analysis
and our specialized R&D system.

Second, we have applied future promising and organic processing technologies to
environmentally friendly agricultural products, like organic or pesticide-free goods.
We have established our own food safety management system (ISO 22000) to
manufacture and supply superior eco-friendly products.

We at Natural Choice are committed to providing each and every consumer
with the best quality products and services to satisfy consumer needs.

Pure Natural Frult Crunch

CEO Natural Choice

Hee Jeong Chae

Pure Natural Frult Crunch